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-1 staff member!

Posted in News by arnol1337 on May 18, 2008



Well it was about time…hmmmm…well from my view I’m glad he is fired I have several reasons.

1. Never improves or helps out the this website.

2. Lack of attendance.  He’s on Roblox all day yesterday and today and he doesn’t even log on to the website 😦

3. Does’nt even talk to the Staff. He ignores the staff ( Me and builder )

Well, theres 3 more positions left!! Hurry up they might be taken!!



<a href=”″>Free Games at ROBLOX</a>. Check out <a href=”″>what I have been building lately</a>!


Look! ^^^ A link!




New Realse , Decals!!!

Posted in News by arnol1337 on May 17, 2008

A new release is upon us. Its theme: more fun, less frustration. Building and playing in ROBLOX should always be easy and fun. We’re constantly working hard to make sure it is. Here’re a few things we’ve focused on lately:


If you’ve ever tried to add custom graphical elements to your models and places, you know what an exercise in frustration it can be. When you add a Decal to a block, it only shows up when visiting a Place solo. If you add a lot of Decals, your Place becomes too large to save to ROBLOX. Clever builders figured out ways around this (they always do), but it required creating T-Shirts, cutting/pasting, finding and changing texture properties, deleting unnecessary T-Shirts, etc. In short, it was painful.


Today’s release adds support for user-uploadable Decals that behave well in online multiplayer games. They’re simple to create and easy to use.

To create a Decal, use the Decal Builder. It works just like the builder for T-Shirts, Shirts, and Pants. Just browse to the image you want to use and upload it. ROBLOX will create a Decal and add it to your stuff. You can find the Decal Builder by clicking the “Create” button while on the Decals tab of your stuff. You can also browse for Decals created by other users in the Catalog.

To add a Decal to a Place or Model, open the Insert menu in ROBLOX Studio, choose My Decals or Free Decals, then click the Decal you wish to apply. You can drag the Decal onto any surface and click to drop it there.

Piece of cake!         – ARNOL1337

Moderation System!

Posted in News by builder88 on May 16, 2008

Ive just discovered that there is a moderation system here! Here is how it works: You post your comment. I get a message saying if i want to mark as spam, approve, disapprove. I approve, you can post without me seeing your post. I disapprove, your comments have to be approved by me, any only me!!!   

NO bad words, spaming, rude behavior

Posted in News by arnol1337 on May 16, 2008

PLEASE, don’t say any bad words…or you will pay the consequence’s! SPAMMING IS NOT ALLOWED or any useless writing..please just talk to each other about ROBLOX…    – ARNOL1337

Also, we can ban people so dont think we wont! -Builder88

Useless update?

Posted in News by builder88 on May 16, 2008

Thats what hundreds of Robloxians are thinking. Here is what the new update means – A decal is a uploaded picture saved on your computer. Before this update, decals were hard to insert and often crashed the Studio. Now it dosn’t crash as much. Hope this cleared that up!

New staff!

Posted in News by builder88 on May 16, 2008

Here are some new staff members!


News/Place Reveiwer/Adminastrator


YO! I’m ARNOL1337. I was the first staff of The Roblox Reporter!



Place Reveiwer


2nd staff of TRR! 😛




Posted in News by builder88 on May 14, 2008

Welcome to The Roblox Reporter! Ill be posting a lot. This is like Roblox Direct, but different. Stay tuned! 😀