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Ecslusive Interview ” Captainkf “

Posted in Interviews by arnol1337 on May 17, 2008

I have just interviewed a very successful player on ROBLOX “Captainkf”


Me: What is your favorite thing to do on Roblox?                                     

Captainkf: Look at new places on “Most popular”

Me: What is your least favorite thing to do on Roblox?

Captainkf: Hmmm, answering question, but i like that okay.

Me: Have you ever won any contests on Roblox?

Captainkf: As of now, I have not.

Me: How many Rs$ and tickets do you have?

Captainkf: 865 Rs$, 40097 tickets.

Me: What level are you?

Captainkf: 88

Me: How long have you played Roblox?

Captainkf: Since September 22 , 2007

Me: Do you have any future plans to do on Roblox?

Captainkf: I don’t have anything planned right now, no.

Me: That is all thank you , cya

Captainkf: Bye.


Wana Interview?

Posted in Interviews by builder88 on May 16, 2008

PM me if you wana interveiw or Ill PM you if i want you to interview. 😀