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New Realse , Decals!!!

Posted in News by arnol1337 on May 17, 2008

A new release is upon us. Its theme: more fun, less frustration. Building and playing in ROBLOX should always be easy and fun. We’re constantly working hard to make sure it is. Here’re a few things we’ve focused on lately:


If you’ve ever tried to add custom graphical elements to your models and places, you know what an exercise in frustration it can be. When you add a Decal to a block, it only shows up when visiting a Place solo. If you add a lot of Decals, your Place becomes too large to save to ROBLOX. Clever builders figured out ways around this (they always do), but it required creating T-Shirts, cutting/pasting, finding and changing texture properties, deleting unnecessary T-Shirts, etc. In short, it was painful.


Today’s release adds support for user-uploadable Decals that behave well in online multiplayer games. They’re simple to create and easy to use.

To create a Decal, use the Decal Builder. It works just like the builder for T-Shirts, Shirts, and Pants. Just browse to the image you want to use and upload it. ROBLOX will create a Decal and add it to your stuff. You can find the Decal Builder by clicking the “Create” button while on the Decals tab of your stuff. You can also browse for Decals created by other users in the Catalog.

To add a Decal to a Place or Model, open the Insert menu in ROBLOX Studio, choose My Decals or Free Decals, then click the Decal you wish to apply. You can drag the Decal onto any surface and click to drop it there.

Piece of cake!         – ARNOL1337


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