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Reveiws galore!

Posted in Place reviews by builder88 on May 16, 2008

Wana place review? Well, there are some requirments.


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9 Responses to 'Reveiws galore!'

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  1. builder88 said,

    Dont spam please

  2. arnol1337 said,

    ?????????????????. i just said hi??

  3. awesomegame17 said,

    Yeah but even if you work here you shouldn’t spam, it’s bad influence for our readers.

  4. arnol1337 said,


  5. robloxians said,

    Builder88 can i delete spam comments?

  6. builder88 said,


  7. robloxians said,

    How do i delete spam comments? (im new to wordpress)

  8. builder88 said,

    Only i can me to.. – arnol1337

  9. CaptainKF said,

    Can I get my place reviewed?

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